Reigns 1.17 APK

Reigns 1.17 APK


App Info

  • App NamenReigns
  • Kategorie Karten & Glücksspiele
  • Version1.17
  • Anforderung 4.1 oder eine höhere Version
  • File Size75.45 MB
  • Updated
  • App Codecom.devolver.reigns


Reigns DescriptionThis game is very dramatic, players will play a king in the game, every one of your courtiers are trying to kill you, all you have to do is to make yourself live longer. Game screen: This game style is great, delicate and delicate, very engaging. More strange is that the role of this image are geometric shapes with a geometric Gameplay: In the game, the player will act as a king (or tyrant) of the highest throne, and you can make decisions to govern your country by gently moving your finger, left or right. As a king of a country, every decision of your country may have a significant impact on the entire kingdom and your future rule. A mistake can incur unfortunate consequences for your throne and family crisis. This mode of play mode should be the most worth exploring bright spots, in general, is that you as a king by choosing a different card to trigger a different outcome, each card has a description, the player needs careful analysis, do Out of their own choice. But in fact, you finally die, but just to see how long to survive. In Reigns, you'll have the chance to experiment with more than 20 different die styles, as well as more than thirty characters, and the richness of the game content is great. After more than 10 deaths, he finally understood the truth that if you want to be a good king, you must learn to weigh four things: religion, people, army, money. Any of these four things can not be too full, nor less. Had wanted to be a good king, so, refugees, save! Build dam, built! Hunting, points! And then died ... ... the king is not a miracle, it is not the savior, need to do what. Do not want to be superstitious, so the church, not building! Some people need the right, I do not give! So the church rebel, I am dead ... Had too much faith in religion, then entered the despair grave, fighting with a lonely bones, and eventually turn death in the grave ...... In short, every one of your servants and your people want to kill you, and every time they say that they may conceal murderous things. You believe that you will be destroyed. What you can do is to guide them as you can and try to live longer. Overall, this game is still quite novel gameplay, there is no generals and counselors to assist you, they only hurt your heart. So being a "Reigns" king is actually sad, but it's also a good experience to be wary of your courtiers. App customer permission.
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